Sugar-free Macchiato Doughnuts


  • Product Description

      Doughnut Call Me Sugar-Glazed!

      We took your favorite hand-crafted coffee drink and made a Sugar-free Doughnut out of it! If you like coffee and doughnuts, you’ll love these Sugar-free Macchiato Doughnuts that rounds (see what we did there) both of these into a hand-held treat. Soft to the bite, satisfying in sweetness, and with the right balance of coffee-kissed chocolate frosting, you’d be best to hide these from prying eyes! Enjoy them with 0 guilt.

      Fulfill your resolution to enjoy healthier treats without regretful thoughts. Enjoy the surprisingly sweet, yet sugar free treats of The Sugar-free Bakery! Selections of sweet and savory treats, made Diabetic & Diet friendly, all low carb, freshly-baked without preservatives, and free of sugar.


        Sugar-free Macchiato Doughnuts

        Box of 7 for P350


        We deliver goods on Monday-Thursday evening straight to your doorstep between 6-9:30 PM. Cut-off is every 6PM on the day before delivery date.


        Once received, kindly store your baked goods in the refrigerator overnight and enjoy!  For a bakery-fresh experience, microwave on high for 15 seconds, and enjoy.