Sugar-Free Fresh Blueberry Cake


  • Product Description

      How can a cake so light, be so richly dark and chocolaty? One bite, and the mystery behind the riddle will still remain unsolved. But what we can tell you is that our infusion of fresh blueberries does wonders for this spongy chiffon. This is the kind of cloudy softness angels would sleep on.


      Sugar-Free Fresh Blueberry Cake

      3” Personal Cake for P275

      6” Sugar-Free Cake for P900 (Order must be made 3 days in advance, contact us at to place your order)



      We deliver goods on Tuesday - Sunday evening straight to your doorstep between 6-9:30 PM. Cut-off is every 12PM on the day before delivery date.

      Please expect a message from our rider when your order is about to be delivered.