Keto Survival Kit



  • Product Description

      How long can you survive when you long for something sweet? Now you can have your goodies and eat it too with our Keto Survival Kit!

      A box of our best keto & sugar-free treats, specially assembled to satisfy every sweet and savory bakery craving.

      Each Survival Kit contains:

      1x Keto Classic Loaf (7 Inches)

      2x Hazelnut Cookies

      2x Triple Nut Keto Cookies

      2x Dark Chocolate Lava Muffins

      2x Rite 'N Lite

      • 100% Keto Approved
      • Sugar-Free
      • Low-Carb
      • Gluten-Free


      We deliver goods on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening straight to your doorstep between 7-10 PM. Cut-off is every 6PM on the day before delivery date.


      Once received, kindly store your baked goods in the refrigerator overnight.

      • Keto Loaf, Cookies, Muffins: Reheat in Microwave on high for 15 seconds and enjoy!