Sugar-free Artisanal Chicken Pot Pie


  • Product Description

      If you enjoy a serving of Chicken Pot Pie, then we’re giving you another reason to celebrate. We found the perfect, cozy comfort meal to serve up to your fam, ONLY BETTER! Our Sugar-free Artisanal Chicken Pot Pie is handcrafted using fine, healthy ingredients to delight you with a meal made of chicken pie, croissant, and doughnut that’s sugar-free and diabetic-friendly. It’s the ultimate coming together of familiar, classic sweet and savory treats just like the familiar feeling of comfort you feel in your home - specially on Sundays!

      **Every box contains 2 pcs. Sugar-free Artisanal Chicken Pot Pie**

      This cake is absolutely:

      • Sugar-free
      • Diabetic-friendly

      **Best consumed immediately**


      We deliver goods on Sunday-Saturday evening straight to your doorstep between 6PM-9PM. Cut-off is every 5PM for Next-Day Delivery from Monday-Sunday.

      Please expect a message from our rider when your order is about to be delivered.