We're the Feel Good Food Group - the passionate people behind healthy food brands such as Ketos of Manila and Eat's Life Manila. From the very beginning we wanted to create a feel good food movement, one tasty and healthy meal at a time.

We started The Sugar-Free Bakery because we wanted to bake healthier, sugar-free and keto versions of well-loved treats and desserts. We started humbly with small pop-up booths in weekend bazaars. With a little more R&D and TLC, we expanded quickly to offer a full selection of feel-good, sweet treats on our website and on on-demand delivery.

Now you can indulge guilt-free in keto bread, sugar-free cakes & pastries, low-carb pizzas, and sugar-free milk tea. We've made it easier for you to shop our Top 12 Best Sellers, or order for the right occasion. So whether you're looking to gift a Sugar-Free Cake, buy Breakfast Staples, sending a Pizza + Milk Tea party to your team, or ordering a Special Roasted Family Platter, we have it just for you.

Our products are sweetened with Erythritol, which is a low-calorie and low-carb sweetener, with only 6% of the calories of sugar, and 70% of the sweetness. Our products are Sugar-Free, Low-Carb, Diabetic-Friendly, and Dietitian-Nutritionist Approved.

The Sugar-Free Bakery. Surprisingly Sweet, Yet Sugar-Free.

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For partnerships and collaborations with The Feel Good Food Group, please email us at thesugarfreebakery@gmail.com.