Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. Eat's Life Manila shall provide the Client with food featured in the menu of the Diet Plan the Client selects.
  2. The Client shall make full payment for the price of the program before the first delivery. Payment can be made through Paypal which accepts Credit Cards or via Bank Transfer, in which a Proof of Payment must be emailed to thesugarfreebakery@gmail.com.
  3. Should the Client NOT make full payment after the first meal has been delivered, the Client will be informed to transfer payment. Should no payment be received after the 1st day of delivery, the program will be suspended and the Client will be informed.
  4. The Client shall upon enrollment, inform Eat's Life Manila of all his/her FOOD ALLERGIES. Eat's Life Manila shall to the extent possible, make a substitution. Eat's Life Manila shall not be responsible for any medical or other problems that may be brought about by the Client’s non-disclosure to Eat's Life Manila of his/her allergies.
  5. Any food preference requested by the Client shall be subject to price change.
  6. The Client shall be responsible for choosing the diet program and warrants to Eat's Life Manila that he/she is physically and medically fit, and has no medical conditions that may be compromised by his/her enrollment in the diet program.
  7. Meals will be delivered daily to the Client’s location of choice between 7-10 PM the evening before the date of consumption. However, deliveries may be postponed due to extremely adverse weather conditions, force majeure or acts of God.
  8. If the Client is unable to receive the food deliveries personally, the Client shall designate a representative to accept it on his/her behalf and communicate this to Eat's Life Manila. Any change in the authorized representative shall be conveyed promptly to the Customer Care personnel.
  9. The authorized representative shall acknowledge receipt of the food items on the Delivery Receipt. In case the authorized representative refuses to accept the delivery, Eat's Life Manila’s delivery personnel shall return the food items to Eat's Life Manila’s commissary and the Client shall be responsible for picking them up. Exception shall be when the Client gives express instructions to the Customer Care personnel of Eat's Life Manila to leave behind the food without any acknowledgement from the authorized representative.
  10. Upon receipt of the food, the Client shall immediately refrigerate it. Eat's Life Manila shall not be responsible for the spoilage of the food or any other problems that may arise due to the Client’s failure to store the food properly.
  11. If the Client needs to put on hold his /her meal deliveries, the Client should inform Eat's Life Manila’s Customer Care personnel strictly before 12 noon at least three (3) days before the date of the delivery that will be held. The Client shall likewise inform the Customer Care personnel of his/her desired day of resumption strictly before 12 noon at least three (3) days before the date of resumption. Client shall be given up to one (1) month from the date of the first delivery to complete his/her program. The price, however for the unavailed portion shall be adjusted to the prevailing prices at the time the Client resumes the diet program.
  12. In case of cancellation, the Client shall not be entitled to any refund.
  13. Communication with Eat's Life Manila Customer Care personnel- instructions, advise, etc., shall be via SMS/Text message to 09497865399 or email to eatslifemanila@gmail.com. The Client should make sure that he/she receives an acknowledgement of the receipt of the message by Eat's Life Manila so as to make it an official communication.